Prerequisite Software

We have tested the software on various versions of Linux and make use of GNU Make and a small Bash script. For best results, ensure your system is compatible (if you do not have Linux natively installed, running Linux in a virtual machine is ideal).

If you are using MacOS X, these instructions will mostly work, but we have some specific MacOS X tips for you.

GCC Cross Compiler

Building the SMACCMPilot C sources require a GCC toolchain for the ARM Cortex-M4 processor. We recommend using the arm-gcc-embedded toolchain, maintained by ARM Ltd. Download arm-gcc-embedded from Launchpad.

You may install this toolchain into your PATH, or provide the installation directory explicitly to the SMACCMPilot build.

The GHC Haskell Compiler

To build programs which use Ivory, you’ll need the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) version 7.6.2 or higher. You can either download and install the appropriate GHC binary release for your platform, or use the latest release of the Haskell Platform, which provides GHC 7.6.3.

You can confirm the correct version of GHC is installed in your path by running

ghc --version

which should report version 7.6.2 or higher.

Haskell Package Manager

Cabal is the package manager for Haskell. We require version 1.18 or higher.

If you already installed the Haskell Platform, you already have cabal. Otherwise, you’ll need to install cabal separately. Cabal is downloadable as a binary.

Once you’ve installed cabal, you should update the package list on your machine:

cabal update

Then, upgrade your installation of cabal to the latest available on Hackage:

cabal install cabal-install

Check the version installed is 1.18 or greater:

cabal --version


GCC Native Compiler

You need a native 32 bit GCC compiler of version 4.7.x, and the GCC plugin development headers, to build applications which use our experimental runtime verification (RTV) system. (The SMACCMPilot flight application does not use the runtime verification system, so you may be able to regard this step as optional.)

If you don’t wish to use the runtime verification system, you can ignore building the runtime verificaiton modules by running make RTV=0 in smaccmpilot-build, and disable building any apps that depend on RTV by out the CONFIG_BUILD_RTV declaration in smaccmpilot-stm32f4/

The smaccmpilot-build makefile will use your native compiler to build a plugin to be used by the gcc-arm-embedded cross compiler. Because the GCC plugin API has changed several times in recent GCC releases, a GCC from the 4.7 series is required. GCC 4.6 and 4.8 will not work. Additionally, because the gcc-arm-embedded toolchain is built as 32-bit binaries, you will need a 32 bit GCC to build a compatible plugin.

Your Linux package manager may package the GCC plugin development headers separately from the gcc compiler. Fedora users will want to install the gcc-plugin-devel{.i686} package; Ubuntu users will want to install gcc-4.7-plugin-dev.

See the runtime verification README for more details.

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