MAVProxy is a console based MAVLink Ground Control Station (GCS) [authored by Andrew Tridgell][tridge-mavproxy]. The SMACCMPilot project maintains [a fork of MAVProxy][smaccm-mavlink] which is distributed as a project submodule.

Supported Commands

The MAVProxy commands supported by SMACCMPilot include the following, but these are subject to change:

  • alt : Show altitude
  • arm : Arm motors, assuming kill switch on the hobby radio controller is enabled
  • disarm : Disarm motors
  • joystick : Enable joystick flight
  • mode : Set SMACCMPilot flight mode
  • param : Manage SMACCMPilot parameters
  • status : Show flight data
  • stream : Set streaming rate
  • watch : Watch a MAVLink pattern

Run help in the the MAVProxy window for more information.

With respect to arming, the hobby radio controller is considered a safety backup controller. See the instructions on arming from the radio controller for more information.