Ground Control Station

We provide a ground control station


Run make in the smaccm-comm-client directory.


The smaccm-comm-client starts an http server on port 8080 (change this with options, see –help to learn more).

In smaccmpilot-build/smaccmpilot-stm32/src/smaccm-comm-client/ there is a shell script Provide two arguments: first, the serial port the radio is connected to, and second, the baud rate (if you’re using smaccm-sik, as you should be, this will always be 57600).

You can pass additional options after these, pass --help to learn about them.

Browser Interface

Several HTML based user interfaces are available:


If you wish to make your own gcs app, the smaccm comm client speaks a simple JSON api based on the GIDL schema found in smaccmpilot-build/smaccmpilot-stm32/src/smaccm-comm-schema/smaccm-comm-schama.gidl. We apologize there are very few docs on how this works, but you can follow the examples in the existing web browser UIs and send mail to the list if you need more information.