An Embedded Systems Software Research Project

We’re building open-source autopilot software for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) using new high-assurance software methods.

The SMACCMPilot autopilot software:

Software Guide

Learn about how the SMACCMPilot software platform works, and how to develop for it.

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Hardware Guide

Complete instructions for building a SMACCMPilot based quadcopter.

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Open Source

The SMACCMPilot platform is an open-source project, released under a liberal BSD license.

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And the technology used to build it:

Ivory Language

SMACCMPilot is the flagship project of a new programming language called Ivory, a domain specific language for safe systems programming.

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Ivory Tutorial

Walk through an Ivory program with annotations introducing some of the features of the language.

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Tower Framework

Tower is a framework for composing Ivory programs into multithreaded applications.

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